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Our Story



What is a Social Enterprise?

Social enterprises are known by many names: “social businesses”, “social-purpose businesses”, “mission-driven businesses”, “social ventures” etc. Whatever the name, social enterprises operate with a “double bottom-line” of generating financial return while simultaneously advancing a social mission.

Our Social Enterprise Story

In 1989, Calgary Progressive Lifestyles Foundation (CPLF) was founded by Adrienne Sabourin to support adults with disAbilities at home, at work, and in the community.

Early in our history, one of our clients named Gail had complex disabilities and it was challenging to engage her. After some thought, Adrienne had an idea to bake some cookies with Gail. From the smile on Gail’s face, Adrienne knew that Gail got much gratification in baking these cookies. The activity offered Gail purpose to get up in the morning to do her hair, an opportunity to meet new friends, work skill development, and improved self-imagery. Adrienne considered if the community would purchase the cookies they made, Gail could make some extra money while gaining some autonomy. Expanding on this activity of baking cookies, in 1997, CPLF started “Cookies on the Go” and made the activity of baking cookies available to more participants.

To further sustain Cookies on the Go, in 2013, CPLF created a second social enterprise called Lifestyles Bistro. A self-sustaining Environmentally Conscious restaurant valuing Healthy Eating while offering in house dining with All Day Breakfast, Daily Lunch Specials, Fresh Fruit Smoothies, Specialty Coffee Bar and Corporate Catering.

We currently employ over 40 individuals who live with a disAbility.


Funding for this program is supported solely by the sale of our baked goods and private donations. Together with customer’s, people like you and our partner support, our Social Enterprise builds community capacity in and around Calgary. All of this couldn’t be done without people like you, if you and or your company are interested in supporting CPLF and our Social Enterprises, please Contact us or to make a donation visit the CPLF website by clicking here.